I noticed very early on that no matter where I lived, government policy had very little impact on me personally. My quality of life was almost entirely determined by the people and things that I chose to spend time with, and the way I chose to spend that time. Sure, there was some implicit impact, and on some minutes that impact was felt (thanks obamacare for fining me a few thousand dollars for being uninsured, thanks trump for the tax breaks, etc), but still — none of those things made any measurable difference in my life over the long term. I guess you could call this “privilege”, but I enjoyed it everywhere I (re) started my life.

I am inherently, deeply uninterested in politics. I genuinely despise every politician equally, without any preference for any of the sides. For me they are all spineless incompetent scum, I have zero respect for whatever abilities it takes them to climb the political ladder, there isn't any other career that I have less respect for, and I mean it. In fact the higher up the ladder a politician is, the lower scum I perceive them to be.

In this regard, I'm quite amicable. Whether you despise republicans, democrats, Bernie Sanders, Nikol Pashinyan, António Costa, Hu Jintao, or Lavrentiy Beria, we can always connect over our shared, genuine contempt. And what I've discovered is that anyone with any interest or engagement in politics always has someone they feel strong contempt for.

Having this outlook, I felt kinda sympathetic for Trump, because I sincerely believed that while he wasn't in any significant way more corrupt or horrendous than any other politician who manages to score a national election, he was somehow getting a lot more heat for it. The reality I perceived was that most people who hated him hated his persona, not his policies. People would yell till they were blue in the face about his misogynist remarks recorded on some bus, while the same people seemed a lot more comfortable with Obama having dropped 26,171 bombs just in the year of 2016 [citation not needed]. These bombs killed some humans that many Americans believe may have earned it (though if you talked to them, they just might be able to change your mind about who earned what), and some humans that were just collateral damage. As far as I'm concerned, misogyny is bad and Trump is a scum. So is Obama, for that matter. And Clinton. And Bush. And the other Clinton. And even everyone's favorite, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And yes, of course you can exclaim hey how can you say that these people are roughly equal when it was only Trump who's supporters stormed the Capitol?

And that would make me wonder — is it possible that perhaps by denying him fair media coverage, by refusing to acknowledge anything good about him (no human being is perfectly horrible or perfectly amazing, perfection is reserved for gods, no?), by ostracizing and silencing and making fun of his supporters at their workplaces and on daily television shows, we kinda directed them at the capitol? Is it possible that many, if not most of the tens of millions of people who voted for him actually have a few points worth considering? No, right? Of course not. You get it. They don't.

Well then, at least you and I can bond over our shared contempt for the guy. Whoever the guy happens to be.