At many points of our lives we are miserable, angry, disappointed, or sad. At times we feel vengeful. At times we feel powerless. Other times we feel like this world is a terrible place to be.

A lot of it comes from an inner sense of injustice, an inner sense of feeling wronged.

Growing up we are seeded with a myriad of rules and laws. About inflicting no pain. About peace and justice. About what is right. Rules and laws that are completely made up and do not actually exist. And when we clash with the reality of this universe, which is that all of these laws are fake laws that aren't part of the universe, we are dumbfounded and get a sinking feeling in our stomach and an optional nervous breakdown.

The only rules of this universe and of the God are those that cannot be broken. The rule that nothing in spacetime can travel faster than about 300,000 kilometers per second. The rule that when two bodies interact, they apply forces to one another that are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. That every particle attracts every other particle in the universe. These are some of the rules of the God I believe in. A lot of them can be found in a good physics textbook. Some of them haven't been discovered yet.

The gravity pulling us down doesn't make us feel miserable. We accept it as a fact, without painting it with the vulgarity of our moral taste and opinion. We learn and accept it and try to take advantage of our knowledge. Nobody is depressed because gravity exists, because gravity is a true law of God.

Peace isn't. In this universe, it never will be. God ultimately doesn't care about the ten amendments or the criminal law in your region and time.

In this universe, what God seems to care about is that something cannot be created out of nothing. Curiously, humans were only able to formalize this relatively recently.

As a result, elephants aren’t peaceful. Bees aren’t peaceful. Even trees and plants aren’t peaceful.

They’re all trying to prove to life that they deserve to exist. Through force and wit, through destructing other life forms, through starving others for resources.

This is the most beautiful thing in life, a victory in a war. It's the moment you prove that you are the better choice for life to pick. Prove not to yourself, not to your enemy, but to life itself.

We all serve existence.

Nonexistence is the true and ultimate immorality.