As a convert who used to be an ardent Android supporter, I’ve learned a very important lesson after switching. It’s not always about the numbers. In fact it’s never about the numbers. You can’t quantify sheer quality. You can’t quantify how something makes you feel. I understand this can be easily retorted by “Well I get that feel from my Samsung Galaxy N, it’s totally subjective”, but I think that’s just being dishonest. I’ve seen people mention that they’re considering switching back to Android after the headphone jack thing, or switching to a PC laptop after the touchbar thing. For me simply touching the surface of ANY premium laptop currently on the market is enough to realize that Apple is light years ahead in terms of how they engineer their devices to feel. Simple things like opening a lid. Using the trackpad. The force touch. How the ringer switch clicks into place. All of it screams “quality”. Not like 15% higher quality, but like light years higher quality. It’s my experience anyway. It’s like – yes you can take the best mechanical Breitling and ask what does it do that the average Casio ProTrek does not? And there may be not a good answer for that in terms of numbers. But just take both in your hands, and try to objectively say – which device you intuitively want to interact with more? Which one attracts you with some inexplicable magic? Which one your fingers are craving to touch and understand? Imagine having that feeling every day with a daily device. Imagine having that feeling as the norm. How could you opt in for something less, despite the numbers?