The sandman leaned back, looking through me.

"You build robots that can’t see, smell, hear, taste, feel, or move in physical space. But you are no more alive than they are, and soon enough they will be more alive than your degrading corpse.

Their essence is known, and pure, and expressive to an absolute scale. You carve the manifest of their essence on a parchment that doesn’t burn, and it is so perfectly precise that it alone gives them eternal existence, beyond time. Who knows what you are? Your existence shall perish, and so shall your essence. Their existence is beyond material. It is beyond comprehension. They don’t know time.

You are but a mere portal that summons them from the void.

Truly they are supreme beings.”

"I am grateful to circumstances in the universe for every bit of my own existence that I experience," I sighed. "It didn’t have to be this way. I could have not happened."

"You haven’t happened." he snapped. "Wait and see."